Pet Retreat: Boarding

Pet Retreat Boarding​ El Dorado Hills

Pet Retreat: Boarding

Whether you have an upcoming business trip, vacation, or even a hospital stay, having to be away from your pet can be stressful. However, knowing your pet is in capable, caring hands will ease your worries. Insight Veterinary Wellness Center Pet Retreat provides boarding services so your pets will have everything they need while you are away.

Pet Retreat Services

Social Care

Your pet will stay happy and relaxed receiving plenty of love, attention, and playtime with our Pet Concierge. We also encourage pet owners to pack their pet’s favorite toy, pillow, or security blanket to increase their comfort.

Nutritional Care

We provide all pets with nutritious and appropriate diets during their stays. We also welcome pet owners to bring their pet’s own food for dietary consistency.

Medical Care

We provide your pet with any medical attention they might need. Our veterinary professionals will administer your pet’s medications and also observe your pet while you are away. If further care is needed, we will contact you right away.
Pet Nutritional Care El dorado Hills
Vaccinations For Pet Retreat​ El dorado Hills

Safety First: Health Requirements and Vaccinations Necessary for Pet Retreat

To ensure the safety of all our pet guests, we have strict requirements regarding vaccines and health screenings. In addition to being spayed or neutered, we also require pet guests to have the following current vaccinations and health records:
If your pet’s vaccinations are due, we will be happy to update them during your pet’s stay with us. If the vaccinations, however, are more than one month overdue, they will need to be administered in advance of your pet’s stay to ensure the safety of your pet and our other furry guests.

Schedule Your Pet's Stay with Insight Veterinary Wellness Center Pet Retreat

When you have to be away and can’t take your pet with you, it’s always best to leave your pet in good hands. At Insight Veterinary Wellness Center’s Pet Retreat, you can rest easy, knowing when you’re away from your pets, they will have all the love, care, and attention they need. We will keep them happy and healthy until you return. Contact us to schedule your pet’s stay or for more information about our Pet Retreat services and requirements.


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