Cat and Dog Dermatologist in El Dorado Hills, CA

Your pet’s skin serves as a barrier between the animal and its surroundings, regulates body temperature, protects the immune system, enhances sensory awareness, and produces vitamin D. Given the importance of healthy skin for your pet’s overall well-being, you need a qualified cat and dog dermatologist to examine and treat pet skin conditions appropriately

While your pet’s skin performs all of these vital functions, it’s also vulnerable to certain diseases and conditions that can make your little buddy uncomfortable. In fact, dermatological problems are among the ailments our veterinarians encounter most frequently. Are you looking for a knowledgeable professional who understands the most prevalent dermatologic conditions that affect dogs and cats?

Insight Veterinary Wellness Center provides dermatology care for pets in El Dorado Hills, CA. In addition, our veterinarian in El Dorado Hills offers other small animal veterinarian services and round-the-clock emergency medical treatment for dogs, cats, and numerous exotic species.

Cat and Dog Dermatologist in El Dorado Hills, CA

When Do You Need a Pet Dermatologist?

Pet cat in a veterinary clinic for dermatology treatment

Book an appointment with our pet dermatologist if your pet consistently has skin issues so that the root of the problem can be found and treated as soon as feasible. A cat and dog dermatologist undergoes specialized training to distinguish common and rare skin conditions, diagnose the severity of the problem, and establish an effective treatment plan.

You might want to see a cat and dog dermatologist if you notice the following symptoms and behaviors:

  • Scratches more than usual
  • Nail biting
  • Skin lesions
  • Over-grooming
  • Hair Loss
  • Lack of appetite
  • Refuses petting

Cat and Dog Dermatologists Offer Specialized Care

Our veterinary dermatologist will advise the right testing for your pet. Two different tests can assess environmental allergies and other skin conditions:

  • Intradermal Skin Testing – This test is carried out by injecting common environmental allergens into the skin of the patient to assess potential reactions to those indoor and outdoor allergens such as house dust mites, grass pollen, environmental moulds, and even human dander. This test is similar to skin allergy testing in humans. The degree of each potential allergen’s reaction is then measured at the skin location.
  • Blood Test – This is a serum-based test that looks for antibodies in the blood that are generated by antigens and results in an allergic reaction. If a test is recommended, your pet’s blood will be drawn and sent to a facility for analysis.

Other tests and treatments we may suggest include:

  • Video otoscopy for deep ear infections and ear masses
  • Itch-relieving medicine for patient comfort
  • Microscopic assessment for skin mites and bacteria
  • Dermoscopy for examining cat hair and skin follicles

What Can You Do to Maintain the Health of Your Pet?

There are a few things you can do to protect your pet’s skin. Give your pet a healthy diet, clean bedding, fresh water, and lots of exercise. Maintain the vaccination, deworming, and flea and tick prevention schedule for your pet.

Instead of waiting for a pet’s health to get worse before taking them to the vet, it is important to give them the right care. This includes ensuring they stay up to date on their vaccinations and receive care from a cat and dog dermatologist when required. Contact Insight Veterinary Wellness Center today to book an appointment for skin care and other healthcare for your pet!

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