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Cat Grooming in El Dorado Hills, CA

Naturally neat, cats can do a lot to keep their coats in good shape, but a professional cat grooming appointment will help keep them healthy, comfortable, and feeling pampered.

With regular styling, you’ll enjoy an overall reduction of shedding around your home. Plus, styling is great for a cat’s health.

Having a cat professionally styled will reduce the occurrence of external parasites, infections, matted fur, and hairballs, while also improving the health of your cat’s skin, coat, and paws.

In addition, regular grooming is a good way to thoroughly screen for lumps, bumps, and other health-related changes to your cat’s appearance.

What To Expect During A Cat Stylist Appointment

Our professional stylists work with gentle care and precision to safely and calmly style all of our feline clients. While most cats remain calm and relaxed during their stylist appointments, some do better with a mild sedative to reduce stress for an overall positive experience. Our veterinarian will discuss this with you prior to your pet’s appointment to determine the best type of stylist appointment and services for your kitty.

Cat Stylist Services

We offer a variety of cat stylist services based on each cat’s condition and needs.

Basic Or Medicated Bath

Prior to your pet’s groom and bath, we will thoroughly inspect your cat for signs of external parasites and provide a bath with the proper shampoo.

Brush And/Or Trim

Your cat will enjoy having his or her coat brushed thoroughly. This will remove any tangles, debris, and loose fur. If requested, we can also trim your cat’s fur or provide a sanitary shave to help a long-haired kitty stay clean in the litter box.


Regular, careful pedicures are essential to the health of your cat’s paws and posture. With comfortably short claws, they can walk, pounce, and bound with ease. This may also help reduce unwanted scratching or damage to you and your home.

Ear Cleaning

Clean ears help prevent ear mites and ear infections.

Teeth Brushing

Brushing your cat’s teeth removes plaque and improves the health of your cat’s teeth and gums.

Schedule A Stylist Appointment For Your Cat

We recommend cat owners schedule stylist appointments for their cats on a regular basis. Whether you come in every few months or just a couple of times a year, this will help you maintain your cat’s good health and comfort.

To learn more about cat grooming services at the Day Spa & Salon at Insight Veterinary Wellness Center or to schedule your kitty’s appointment, contact us today.

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