Day Spa & Salon: Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming in El Dorado Hills, CA

At Insight Veterinary Wellness Center, we’re proud to provide comprehensive care to our dog patients, including complete grooming services for dogs. Our professional stylists use an expert, gentle touch to ensure all of our canine clients have a positive experience during their grooming sessions.

Does My Dog Really Need To Be Groomed?

Different dog breeds have different grooming needs, depending on the type of coat they grow.

While some dogs require frequent haircuts and baths, others simply need to be brushed out on a regular basis. Even if you think of grooming as pampering, there’s no doubt having your dog groomed is good for their health in addition to their looks.

Regular grooming improves the health of a dog’s skin, coat, ears, paws, and posture.

It also helps prevent parasites and ear infections and ensures your dog is screened regularly for lumps, bumps, rashes, and other health-related changes to his or her appearance.

Professional Styling Services

We provide a variety of dog styling services to meet the needs of any dog breed and owner. Our veterinarian and professional stylist team can help you determine the right grooming services for your pet.

Regular Or Medicated Bath

Our stylists will inspect your dog for signs of external parasites and use the most appropriate shampoo.

Brush And/Or Trim

We offer thorough brushing and deshedding treatments for dogs in addition to trims and haircuts.

Styling And Drying

We will style your dog and coif their fur using a safe, cool blow dryer.

Ear Care

Each dog styling appointment includes an ear cleaning designed to remove ordinary dirt, earwax, and other debris to prevent infections.


Regular pedicures ensure your dog can walk, run, and play without any paw pain. Pedicures also promote healthy posture, preventing future joint problems.

IVWC Day Spa & Salon is also pleased to offer regular nail trims and nail trims through buffing (grinding). We also offer glamour packages that include colorful nail polish to make your pet stand out in a crowd.

Anal Gland Expression

Although most dogs express their own anal glands normally, we can internally express them to help prevent impacted anal glands and associated infections.

We will check to see if expression is necessary, and if it is, our hospital staff will take care of it free of charge.

Schedule A Day Spa & Salon Appointment For Your Pet

To ensure optimal skin and coat health for your dog, our veterinarian can help you determine how frequently grooming is appropriate for your dog’s breed. If your dog is looking a little shaggy or found that “something special” in the backyard, schedule an appointment for a luxury treatment at the Day Spa & Salon at Insight Veterinary Wellness Center today.

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