Full In-House Laboratory

Pet Diagnostics in El Dorado Hills, CA

Without diagnostic testing, veterinarians would be forced to play a guessing game when diagnosing and treating pets.

At Insight Veterinary Wellness Center, we have a complete in-house laboratory available for our patients. With these robust diagnostic capabilities, no guessing is necessary. Our veterinarians are able to screen pets for early signs of disease, perform rapid diagnostics on sick pets and in emergency situations, and obtain accurate results during examinations.

In-House Laboratory Services For Pets

With a complete menu of in-house laboratory testing services available to our patients, our veterinarians are able to perform comprehensive health screenings and diagnose sick pets quickly. Our in-house laboratory offers the following testing services:

Complete Blood Cell Count

Our in-house lab is fully equipped to provide veterinarians with information and parameters regarding white blood cell count, red blood cell count, and platelets.

Blood Chemistry Analysis

A full blood chemistry analysis is one of the most useful diagnostic reports available to veterinarians. With this information we can evaluate the function of internal organs (liver, kidney, and pancreas), monitor electrolyte levels, and analyze blood and serum proteins. We can also measure and monitor thyroid levels, phenobarbital levels, and more.

Coagulation Analyzer

Our in-house lab can quickly evaluate a pet’s blood’s ability to coagulate (form clots). This is extremely helpful during events like snake bites or potential exposure to rat poison or other toxins.

Automated Digital Urinalysis

When evaluating kidney health, liver disease, and urinary tract disorders, our in-house laboratory produces automated, accurate urinalysis results.

Digital Cytology

For diagnosing sick pets, our veterinarians can obtain a complete cytology report to be evaluated by a veterinary pathologist within just hours of testing.

Fast Results With Our Full In-House IDEXX Laboratory

Other veterinarians might have to send laboratory samples to outside facilities for complete testing, resulting in multiple-day-long waits, but our veterinarians at Insight Veterinary Wellness Center have comprehensive laboratory diagnostic capabilities available in-house. Thanks to our on-site IDEXX Laboratory, we obtain laboratory results almost instantaneously with sample collection and analysis occurring at the same place.

Whether screening a pet for health problems, evaluating a pet prior to administering anesthesia, or assessing a sick pet in an emergency situation, our in-house laboratory provides quick, accurate results when our patients need them the most.

Quick Results Equal Speedy Treatment

With the ease of diagnosing our patients using a robust, in-house laboratory, our veterinarians not only receive fast test results but are also able to begin treatment more quickly.

With accurate diagnoses, we’re able to provide safe and effective treatment to address the underlying cause of a pet’s symptoms as quickly as possible. To learn more about diagnostic testing for pets at Insight Veterinary Wellness Center or to ask a question about your pet’s laboratory test results, we welcome you to contact IVWC today.

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