Overnight Hospitalization

Our ultimate goal is to help every pet get well. Sick, injured, and recovering pets sometimes require ongoing monitoring and care from experienced veterinarians and veterinary technicians before they are able to safely return home.

At Insight Veterinary Wellness Center, we provide complete care by offering overnight hospitalization to sick and injured pets and those recovering from surgery.

Overnight Hospitalization Services And Treatments

When cats or dogs are hospitalized overnight, they receive continuous care and health monitoring to ensure they remain in a stable condition with minimal pain and stress.

  • 24-hour monitoring and care
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and oxygen level monitoring
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing
  • Oxygen therapy
  • IV fluid therapy and IV medications
  • Administration of oral and topical medications
  • Wound dressing and care
  • Pain management
  • Nutritional support

Overnight hospitalization allows our veterinary professionals to provide our patients with the best care possible. If your pet needs to remain with us overnight, we always welcome you to contact our office to check on your pet’s condition.

How Long Will Your Pet Need To Stay In The Hospital?

The length of a hospital stay depends on each pet’s condition and path to recovery. Pets are able to return home once their health stabilizes and they no longer require the type of supportive care, medical treatments, and when necessary, palliative care which can only be provided by a veterinary professional in a hospital setting.

Pets are always happier and more comfortable at home, so we do our best to help our pet patients recover and return home as quickly as possible. When your pet’s ready for discharge, we’ll provide you with everything you need to continue your pet’s care at home.