Skin & Ears

Dermatology and Otology Services:

Treatment for Skin and Ears

Skin and ear diseases in pets can range from simple to complex. Sometimes a diagnosis is quick and treatment is easy, while other cases, especially when allergies are involved, can be slightly more complicated to resolve. At Insight Veterinary Wellness Center, our veterinarians are experts in both dermatology and otology, and we provide our patients with thorough care and comprehensive treatments for both skin and ear concerns.

Health Concerns Addressed by a Veterinary Ear and Skin Expert

Both cats and dogs can encounter a wide range of problems that concern the skin and/or ears, including:
If your pet scratches excessively, shakes his or her head frequently, or obsessively licks or if you notice any changes to the condition of your pet’s fur, skin, or ears, you should schedule an appointment right away.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Pet Allergies

Just like people, pets can suffer from allergies, too. When a pet has allergies, his or her immune system recognizes allergens as threats and attacks, leading to inflammation and discomfort. Common allergens for pets include certain proteins or other food ingredients, dust/dust mites, smoke, perfumes, and pollen.
Pets with allergies often suffer from:
Diagnosing and treating allergies in pets can be a fairly lengthy process, which may include diagnostic testing, environmental adjustments, and elimination diets. If you suspect your pet has an allergy, schedule an appointment as soon as possible to begin the diagnosis and treatment process.

Diagnosing Skin and Ear Problems in Pets

During a dermatology or otology appointment, our veterinarian will discuss your pet’s symptoms with you and perform a complete physical examination. Depending on your pet’s symptoms, we might recommend further diagnostic testing, such as skin allergy testing or cytology (bacteria, fungus, and parasite testing).
If you notice any signs or symptoms of allergies, ear problems, or skin concerns in your pet, we recommend scheduling an appointment right away.