Spays & Neuters

Spay & Neuter in El Dorado Hills, CA

Along with wellness checks and vaccinations, our veterinarians at Insight Veterinary Wellness Center recommend spaying and neutering pets to protect their health, unless you are planning to responsibly breed them.

What Are Spaying And Neutering?

Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures that sterilize cats and dogs. A spay surgery removes a female pet’s uterus and ovaries. Neuter surgery removes a male pet’s testicles.

Why You Should Spay Or Neuter Your Pet

Spay and neuter surgeries are common, routine procedures. They pose little risk to pets and provide major benefits.

We recommend spaying and neutering pets for their safety, your safety, and the well-being of the community.

Sterilization protects pets from contagious diseases and diseases of the reproductive organs. These surgeries also reduce undesirable behaviors like territory marking, wandering, and aggression.

Plus, spaying and neutering helps prevent unwanted litters and overcrowded shelters.

What To Expect During Spay Or Neuter Surgery

These surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and require a surgical incision. As a result, there are some pre and post-operative care instructions you will need to follow to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

Preparing For Spay Or Neuter Surgery

Prior to your pet’s surgery, we will perform a complete physical examination and run routine lab work to make sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. We’ll request your pet not to eat after midnight the day before surgery. Water should also be restricted on the morning of your pet’s appointment.

Post-Operative Care Instructions

During recovery, it is important for your pet to stay clean and dry, so no bathing or swimming. Keep your cat or dog quiet inside and restrict running, jumping, and other strenuous activities to ensure quick healing. Walk dogs on a leash, when they need to go outside. Make sure to keep your cat’s litter clean for five days following surgery.

To prevent your pet from licking or biting at their incision site and stitches, we recommend fitting them with a cone collar. Be sure to check the incision site each day.

When To Schedule Your Pet’s Routine Surgery Appointment

Most cats and dogs are spayed or neutered when they are around six months old.

Sometimes, a veterinarian might recommend sterilizing a pet sooner or later, depending on the pet’s species, breed, and condition.

At Insight Veterinary Wellness Center, we recommend scheduling an appointment for your new pet as soon as you adopt. During this initial checkup, we will establish your pet’s schedule of vaccinations and discuss the proper time for spaying or neutering and/or what is involved in responsible breeding, along with the potential concerns and risks.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact Insight Veterinary Wellness Center today.

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