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Well-behaved pets are delightful. They will keep you company. They are fun to take on walks, to play fetch with, and to relax with on the sofa.

When bringing a new pet into the household, pet owners should not expect pets to automatically know how to behave. Both cats and dogs have to be guided with positive reinforcement so they can fit comfortably into your family and develop a lasting bond with all their new family members.

When pets don’t know how to behave properly, they can cause major problems. Unwanted behaviors aren’t just frustrating for pet owners, they are also one of the top reasons why pets are relinquished to animal shelters. Plus, severe pet behavior problems can be dangerous for your family, other pets, friends, house guests, and passersby.

Common Pet Behavior Problems

There’s an entire spectrum of pet behavior problems that range from annoying to serious, including the following:

  • Pulling on the leash
  • Destructive habits, such as shredding or chewing furniture
  • Jumping on countertops
  • Jumping on people
  • Soiling the house or spraying
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Aggression and biting

No matter the type of behavior problem your pet exhibits, it’s important to address the issue as soon as it occurs. All of these behavior problems can be effectively addressed with reward-based, rather than punishment-based, training.

Why We Recommend Reward-Based Training

Through reward-based training, pets learn to seek the affection, attention and treats they crave from their owners by exhibiting desirable behaviors.

We always recommend reward-based training for pets because punishment-based training can instill fear and nervousness in pets. It also works counterintuitively by emphasizing improper actions, rather than focusing on positive behaviors.

Why Choose A Veterinary Pet Behaviorist?

Sometimes pets have behavior problems due to a lack of training, but behavior problems can also occur due to illness.

When in pain, pets can become unusually aggressive, begin soiling the house, and exhibit other unwanted behaviors. If your pet suddenly starts acting out, this could indicate a health problem, so it’s important they have a checkup with a veterinarian.

Schedule A Pet Behavior Consultation At Insight Veterinary Wellness Center

If you’ve recently adopted a new pet or have a cat or dog who has started acting out, schedule a pet behavior consultation with a pet behaviorist at Insight Veterinary Wellness Center.

We will examine your pet and set you up with an effective plan for correcting your pet’s unwanted behaviors.

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