Wellness Plans FAQs

What is preventative care?

Preventative care includes regular examinations, vaccinations, screenings, and other medical procedures to provide your veterinarian with information about your pet’s overall health. Seeing your pet on a regular basis and measuring changes in their health can detect problems earlier and you and your veterinarian can follow through with treatment sooner to avoid more costly illness treatments.

What is a Visionary Wellness Plan?

Visionary Wellness Plans are discounted packages of age appropriate, preventative care for your pet, paid in monthly installments. These packages are designed to make annual routine care affordable and keep your pets healthy. Visionary Wellness Plans may include wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite control and prevention, 10% off most other IVWC services such as grooming and much more based on the wellness plan you choose. However, our wellness plans are not pet insurance, and will not cover treatment unexpected or atypical conditions. Although, you will receive a 10% discount on services provided at Insight Veterinary Wellness Center.

What is the difference between Visionary wellness plan and pet insurance?

Visionary Wellness Plans offer preventative, as opposed to curative veterinary care. Pet insurance includes coverage for costs of unexpected illness or injuries, that sometimes arise if the proper preventative care is not provided. Our Visionary Wellness Plans help to detect problems promptly by performing regular wellness exams, early screening diagnostics, routine vaccinations and other aged-based preventative care. Each plan also comes with unlimited office visits to keep your pet healthy and your mind at rest.

A Key difference between Visionary Wellness Plans and pet insurance is that our plans allow for the office visits to care for any existing conditions, whereas pet insurance does not cover any preexisting conditions. Additionally pet insurance is only used if there is a covered occurrence. Unlike pet insurance you will always use what you pay for with visionary wellness plans. That said, we do recommend having both coverage options. Emergencies can be expensive and necessary. We highly recommend Trupanion to protect your pets with unpredictable circumstances.

Is there a discount for services that are not included in a Visionary Wellness Plan?

Yes! You will receive a discount of 10% for most additional services provided by Insight Veterinary Wellness Center.

Exceptions include: Therapeutic Diets and outside service fees.

How do Visionary Wellness Plans work?

We offer a range of different wellness plans to ensure every family can find an affordable plan that fits their budget and needs. These plans are based on species, age, size, and health status. Your IVWC team will work with you to decide the best plan to fit your pet’s needs.

How do puppy or kitten Visionary Wellness Plans work?

It is important for your puppy or kitten to be seen often during their first year of life. Our Visionary Wellness Plans are designed to ensure your new family member has the best start possible. During your first appointment, we will access your pet’s general health, administer appropriate vaccinations, perform a fecal exam, and deworming to provide protection against a variety of infections and or diseases. You will be seen frequently for the rest of the year to receive the next round of vaccines, boosters, diagnostics, parasite prevention, and spay/neuter surgery. Having a new puppy or kitten can be expensive and that is why we created these comprehensive, discounted, affordable plans. We care about your pets and believe each should be given the best start possible.

When should my puppy or kitten be spayed or neutered?

Spay/neuter surgery often happens early in a pet’s life, although it is based on the animal’s breed. Some breeds are by choice while others are recommended after they are one or two years of age. Each pet is different, and our wellness exams, along with other preventative care will determine the best timeline and recommendations for your individual pet.

Why does my young, healthy adult pet need a Visionary Wellness Plan?

All pets need regular, preventative care to ensure healthiness and allow for potential early detections of diseases or infections. Pets age much more quickly than humans do, and it can be difficult to determine their problems. Preventative care and diagnostics can highlight potential problem areas that might not have been detected at home and provide protection from parasites, diseases and infections that can occur at any age. Your pet will be seen for thorough insightful exams twice a year and we offer unlimited exams if you feel your pet needs to be seen. These exams are important in determining your pet’s overall health and any issues that could be harder to deal with if left undetected.

Do you offer Visionary Wellness Plans for species other than dogs and cats?

It is true that pets besides dogs and cats do benefit from regular exams and some preventative care, however they typically do not receive vaccinations and other items on wellness plans that would make monthly installment packages beneficial. We do recommend semiannual exams for your special pets. Our doctors are happy to see them, be they reptiles, rabbits, rodents, or just about anything else.

How much do Visionary Wellness Plans cost?

The cost of our Visionary Wellness Plans varies depending on species, age, weight, and the need of care that best fits your pet. Your IVWC team will work with you to determine the best option for you and your budget.

Plans with higher monthly costs include more preventative options than those with low monthly costs. We understand deciding on the perfect plan for your pet can be difficult, but we are always here to help. It is best to have your pet receive their first wellness exam prior to signing up for a wellness plan so that we can determine the amount of care your individual pet may need. If signing up the same day as your first visit, then that exam will be covered on the chosen wellness plan.

Can I change my level of Visionary Wellness Plan during the year?

Yes. We know each pet is different and circumstances can change. We will work with you to determine the level of care needed for your pet and make changes to your Visionary Wellness Plan, as necessary. Your IVWC team is here to assist you with any adjustments that may be needed.

Is there an Enrollment Fee?

There is a one-time enrollment fee along with the first month payment due on the first day.

What happens if I cancel my Visionary Wellness Plan?

Visionary Wellness Plans are discounted significantly through an annual signed agreement. You can cancel your agreement at any time however being that the wellness plans are paid in monthly increments, treatments or services may have been performed that have not yet been paid in full. In this case, the client is still responsible for the remaining balance due on the plan for fully priced services performed (whichever is less). You can find out your remaining balance due for your plan or the total of services provided by calling us at 916-618-4700.

How do I make changes to my Visionary Wellness Plan?

You can update your personal information, pet information, or payment method anytime by calling us at 916-618-4700. You may also inquire through email: info@ivwc.net.