We have trusted Dr. P with our much-loved pets for over 20 years. When our dog, Havok, needed life-saving surgery, it was late on a Saturday. Our regular vet advised we just say our goodbyes. Then we called Dr. P. Even though it was after hours, he reopened the hospital and had us come in immediately. His pet first approach saved our dog and made him our forever vet.

Aaron E.

I highly recommend IVWC. The staff will always welcome you with a smile because they LOVE your pet! Their extensive experience provides thorough and honest care. As well as offering compassion and loving support during stressful times. Come in and let them get to know you and your pet.

Detra F.

We have two chocolate labs and have lived in El Dorado Hills for over 17 years. Dr. P was our first vet when we moved here. We had a great connection with him right away, he listened to all of our questions and gave thorough and well thought out answers. He is great with our dogs. Dr. P successfully treated multiple issues with our dogs over the years. We are very excited about the opening up Insight Veterinary Wellness Center in El Dorado Hills! We will be taking both of our labs to Dr. P at his new Wellness Center. Our dog, Axl, jumps five feet in the air when he sees him!

Silva Family

Dr. P is the BEST! The only doctor I trust my babies to. I’ve followed him for 20+ years and will drive past many other vets to take my pets to him.

Danette M.

It is comforting for us to know, when we take our dogs to Dr. Pawlowski, our pets are in the best possible hands. Dr. P’s knowledge, integrity and compassion have been a blessing for us. Kristi’s extensive experience as an RVT and manager enhances our visits and ensures us of a smooth-running operation.

Mark C.

Dr. P is the best vet I’ve ever had! Over the years he has provided gentle care that puts our pets and me at ease. I feel he goes above and beyond to serve the needs of our pets. I would never hesitate to recommend his practice.

Michele G.

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